Use Grid Forecast to plan energy use in Home on iPhone (U.S. only)

The electricity powering your home comes from different sources, which can include renewable energy, like solar and wind, or fossil fuels, like coal and natural gas. The sources powering your home can change throughout the day. In the Home app 85f2372dec31f6ac14ebf1ec2cb92c5a Plan cleaner energy use with Grid Forecast on your iPhone, you can see a forecast for your area that highlights cleaner times, which can help reduce carbon emissions, and less clean times, to help you choose when to use electricity.

To view the Grid Forecast, you must be connected to the internet, and Location Services must be turned on for the Home app.

Note: Grid Forecast is available only in the contiguous United States; it’s not available in Alaska or Hawaii.

Show Grid Forecast

  1. Open the Home app to show the Home tab.
  2. Tap the Energy category at the top of the screen to show the Grid Forecast widget.Green bars in the widget indicate when cleaner energy is available in your area—from 4 p.m. until 10 p.m., for example. If there are no bars, cleaner energy isn’t forecast for the near future.

If you’re traveling, Grid Forecast shows energy information for both your home location and the location of your iPhone.

Note: If you haven’t added accessories to your home, the Grid Forecast widget appears when you open the Home app.

Receive Grid Forecast notifications

To receive notifications when the electricity powering your home is being generated by cleaner or more renewable sources of energy, tap the Notifications button in the Grid Forecast widget in the Home app, then tap Notify Me.

Turn off Grid Forecast

  1. On the Home tab, tap the More button, then tap Home Settings.
  2. Tap Energy, then turn off Show Grid Forecast.

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