Smart Azan Automation

One of the most important automation setups nowadays to enhance our daily life using smart solution and devices.

Smart-Kit Team worked on Automating the Azan using the available tools making it super simple for everyone, Now when ever its Prayer Time, Automatically Siri will start Announcing the Azan on the selected HomePod/HomePod Mini speakers and of course you can choose the Mouazin you like.

You’ll only need Meross Smart Mini Plug, Apple HomePod or HomePod Mini and your Smartphone.

Simply install IFTTT app, create new Applet and choose Prayer time and set a trigger to turn on the Smart Plug mini whenever its the prayer time, then go to your shortcuts app or Apple Home app and setup a new Automation with the trigger if the Smart plug turns on turn on HomePod and play the selected music.. here we choose the Azan we want from the library then we need to set a trigger to turn off the smart mini plug when azan period is done “depends on the Azan you’ll choose” and by turning it off we are making sure that the next prayer time will turn the smart plug on again the process will keep running again and again to have a Smart Five Azan for each prayer time daily.. which is Awesome.

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