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Smart Kit provides you with wholesale solutions for the best smart products from the most powerful international brands, so that you can pioneer the world of smart technology in an easy and complication-free way + technical support and training. Don't worry, we are with you to achieve success.

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Join us to provide the latest smart solutions in the world in a simple and seamless way. Become our partner in Qatar and the Middle East, and let's start a smart partnership that creates the future!

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The exclusive agent for Meross products in Qatar

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The exclusive agent for Sensibo products in Qatar, Oman, Bahrain and Kuwait

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The exclusive developer of luxury smart solutions of Font Barcelona and Atelier Luxus high end products

Success Awaits You

A stable and growing sector exceeding 12%.

The latest smart technical protocols

Great return on investment (ROI)

Exclusive access to the strongest brands

Replacement guarantee in case of any problems

Distinguished technical support throughout our partnership journey

Training on use and installation

Competitive prices and exclusive discounts

A partnership that creates the future

Boost your successful business in the world's newest tech-trend with our technical support and training for profitable trade and a great return on investment.

Brands of global recognition

Your ideal choice for partnership

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Net Zero Hero Award at HVR Awards 2023

Selected as Times Magazine's Best Innovations of 2023

A finalist for the Amazon Global Expansion Award 2023

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Apple WWDC 2022 selected brand

+7 million smart products

Available in +136 countries

+3 million users

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The most awarded brand in the electrical products sector

+70 years of experience

Handmade of the finest electrical products

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Reddot Award 2022


MUUUZ Award 2020

Let’s Make A Deal

Let’s Make A Deal

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10 option 2 Become Our Partner

Do you work in

the air conditioning field?

Get the latest smart air conditioning products from Sensibo’ international company exclusively from Smart Kit, the exclusive agent in Qatar, Oman, Bahrain and Kuwait.

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Do you work in

the field of interior design?

Add the smart touch to your projects, from lighting and air conditioning to sensors and plugs, with designs that suit your projects!

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Do you work in

the field of e-commerce?

Get the most powerful smart technology products at competitive prices especially for you. From air conditioning, lighting, and curtains, to screens, locks, sensors, and sockets, you will find everything you need for a successful business.

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Do you work in

the field of real estate development?

Make your project ideal and support it with smart technologies suitable for all stages of the project, with or without prior foundation!

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14 option 1 Become Our Partner

Do you work in

the field of smart systems?

Expand your success with the latest smart products from the best international companies such as Meross - Sensibo - Font Barcelona and others, from Smart Kit: the exclusive agent

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Do you work in

the lighting field?

Add smart lighting solutions to your products collection and join the latest global trend that is convenient, profitable and environmentally friendly.

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Common Questions

Smart Kit is a company that provides the best products and solutions for transforming homes, projects, offices, hotels, etc. into smart places. We transform the “Internet of Things (IoT)” from a complex futuristic concept into tangible, easy-to-use solutions in daily life through the latest Wi-Fi connectivity technologies.

Your partnership with us enables you to obtain the best smart technology products from international brands, as we are the exclusive agent for Miros products in Qatar, the exclusive agent for Sensibo products in Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait and Oman, and the authorized distributor for Acara and Smart Life products. In addition, you will enjoy the additional benefits of partnership, as we will help you explain all the mechanisms of use and installation, with very competitive price offers and distinguished technical support.

If you work in the field of air conditioning, we can provide you with the best smart air conditioners from the international wholesale company Sensibo at competitive prices exclusively from Smart Kit because we are the exclusive agent. We will also help you explain the installation mechanisms with training on use.

No! We provide you with devices that work via Wi-Fi, without the need for prior installation or cables and without causing any holes or damage to the walls.

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