Learn more about Apple Home setup

Add a smart home accessory to the Home app

Add HomeKit and Matter accessories to the Home app, then organize them by room or zone to easily control different areas of your home.

Before you begin

Add accessories

Organize accessories by room and zone

Before you begin

  • Update your iPhone or iPad to the latest version of iOS or iPadOS, and turn on Bluetooth under Settings.
  • To add a Matter accessory, you must set up a home hub first.
  • Check the accessory manual to see if the accessory needs additional hardware, software updates, or additional setup in the manufacturer’s app.
  • Make sure that your accessory supports HomeKit, AirPlay, or Matter.
  • Make sure that your iPhone or iPad, previously added accessories, and home hubs are on the same Wi-Fi network.

Add accessories

When you assign your Apple TV to a room, it automatically appears in that room in the Home app. To add other accessories to the Home app, use your iPhone or iPad. You can’t add accessories to the Home app on Mac.

Add your Apple TV to the Home app

  1. Open Settings on your Apple TV.
  2. Select Users and Accounts > Default User. Make sure that your name is selected and that you’re signed in to iCloud with the Apple ID that you used to set up your accessories in the Home app.
  3. Go back to Settings, then select AirPlay and HomeKit.
  4. Scroll down and select Room, then choose a room or add a new room.Room appears under HomeKit on the AirPlay and HomeKit screen in Apple TV settings

Add other accessories to the Home app

  1. Power on your accessory* and make sure that it’s nearby.
  2. Open the Home app on your iPhone or iPad and tap Add .
  3. Tap Add Accessory.Add Accessory appears first after tapping Add
  4. Follow the instructions to scan a code or hold your device near the accessory to add it.If you’re adding a Matter accessory that was previously paired to another app, tap More options, then select your accessory.
  5. When your accessory appears, tap it. If asked to Add Accessory to Network, tap Allow.
  6. Assign your accessory to a room and name it to help you identify and control it.
  7. Tap Continue, then tap Done.

Control your accessories with Siri

Use and manage your accessories in the Home app on all of your devices

*Samsung AirPlay-compatible smart TVs don’t support HomeKit and can’t be added to the Home app.

If an alert says that the accessory was already added

Accessory Already Added message containing the instructions "To add this accessory to your home, you'll need to reset it first" appears on iPhone

If an alert says that the accessory was already added to your home, or the accessory was previously used in another home, you may need to reset the accessory. Check the accessory manual, call the manufacturer, or visit the manufacturer’s website to learn more.

Organize accessories by room and zone

Organize your accessories by room to help you keep track of where your accessories are located and to control your rooms with Siri. You can also group rooms into a zone, like upstairs or downstairs.

Add a room

  1. Open the Home app and tap or click Add.
  2. Select Add Room.Add Room appears in the middle of the "Add" options on iPhone
  3. Give your room a name, then tap or click Save.

Assign accessories to a room

  1. Open the Home app and tap or click your accessory, then tap or click the Settings button.
  2. Tap or click Room.A Fan is assigned to the Living Room
  3. Choose a room, then tap or click Close to save.

Play and control music throughout your home with Siri

Organize rooms into a zone

Group rooms together into a zone, like upstairs or downstairs, to easily control different areas of your home with Siri.

  1. Open the Home app, then tap or click the room name to open the room.
  2. Tap or click the More button and select Room Settings.Room Settings appears below Home Settings after tapping or clicking the More button
  3. Tap or click Zone.
  4. Select a suggested zone, or choose Create New and give your new zone a name.
  5. Tap or click Done.

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