616FCeK9XEL. AC SL1500 Upgrade Your Home’s Style With Smart Lighting

Most people when they think of smart home technology right away imagine the complex circuit boards, cables pulled through the walls, and hours of an electrician’s time and expense. But those days started falling away a few years ago and now well-known brands are making it even easier – and cost-effective too!

In this 21st century, we have experienced that the future of lighting goes on high. Everyone who knows the significance of Smart Home can understand the fun of Smart Lighting.

Because with Smart Lighting, you can use smart lights to schedule a wake-up call for the whole house, program a wind-down routine before bedtime, or remotely turn off and on lights while traveling/ shopping. The technology also allows you to control your home’s brightness and lighting routine remotely via an app or by using your voice. But with so many options to choose from, it can be hard to know where to begin.

Smart lighting can be both functional and decorative, they can be easily personalized.

That’s why Smartify Spaces would like to suggest some fun upgrades to lighting.

These Smart Lighting toys are as follows:

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Use these to: Create a decorative outline around kitchen cabinets, highlight fireplace mantles, make a bias light behind a TV, decorate bedrooms and dorm rooms, or just add a little fun to your bookshelves.

Where to start: Decide the space you want to cover. The smart strip lights can change colours like smart bulbs and are sold in specific lengths; don’t get a strip that’s too short or too long. However, many models allow you to cut them to fit a space or extend them with another strip for long stretches.

When planning your space, make sure that you have access to an outlet and that you can easily hide the cord to maximize the decorative impact. Also, strip lights look best when you install them in a way that you see only their light, not the device itself.

Smart filament bulbs

616FCeK9XEL. AC SL1500 Upgrade Your Home’s Style With Smart Lighting

Use this to: Combine smart technology with vintage style, will definitely add fun to your selected space. Standard smart LED bulbs are as boring looking as regular LED bulbs and may also show graceless light-emitting dots that don’t look great in chandeliers, sconces, and other fixtures where the bulb will be exposed.

These Smart filament bulbs are also known as “Edison bulbs,” they typically aren’t as bright as standard smart bulbs (an average for filaments is around 500 to 600 Lumens versus 800 Lumens on standard smart bulbs), but they add an eye-catching vintage element to your lighting fixture.

Where to start: Filament bulbs are meant to be seen, so reserve them for chandeliers, pendant lamps, and other fixtures that will expose and celebrate the bulb’s style. These bulbs aren’t especially bright and aren’t intended for reading, so don’t use them in table lamps or desk lamps. Smart filament bulbs are typically white, and you can find tunable white models to tweak that warm glow, but you won’t find any that can change to red, blue, or green. The coolest part is that you can control the bulbs through one app.

Smart table lamps

Smart table lamps for your workspace 04 Upgrade Your Home’s Style With Smart Lighting

Use this to: Add colour, the best feature is that you synced it to music, or visual reminders about dinnertime, bedtime, and other daily events. You can also use one of these as a nightlight, as it provides colour changes that can help you or your little ones sleep and wake up better.

Where to start: Smart lamps don’t look like traditional lamps with a bulb and shade, but they are looking just as nice on a nightstand or dresser. Most are self-contained, with onboard controls to switch colours and power the light on and off. Many smart table lamps need to be plugged into an outlet, but several models have a rechargeable battery, so you can place them as needed to help safely guide a guest or a kid to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

Smart panel lights

579866ea3c070110127da74d8371a906 Upgrade Your Home’s Style With Smart Lighting

Use this to: Turn smart lighting into something artistic, you can set it as per the theme. The sole purpose of these wall-mounted lights were to create an eye-catching display in a kitchen, living room, or another social spot. You can tweak them with a touch directly on the panel, through voice commands, or via the app on your smartphone.

Where to start: Panels are sold in sets, so you should have a space that can accommodate at least two side by side. Once you get your panel light, do check the specs, as they are available in different shapes and sizes.

Panel lights are pretty amazing and cool looking, but like other decorative lights, they aren’t about providing light for tasks—many are dim (around 100 Lumens, or about as bright as the average flashlight).

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