The Best Smart Smoke Detector Options 4 Most Important Smart Home Automation Products

The modern world has become a global village because of the blessings of science and technology. Advanced technology has changed our way of living, and perspectives on living smarter. It brings us opportunities to improve and modernize our lifestyle, also make your lifestyle fast and secure.

Today, many new appliances are marketed as smart, and people all around the world are now transforming their homes into smart & connected homes. As there are reports, that today there are approx 175 million smart homes in the world.

However, here are some easy and cheap ways to jump on the bandwagon and live in a house of the smart future. Smartify Spaces would like to share 4 most useful Smart Home Automation Products.

Smart smoke alarms

The Best Smart Smoke Detector Options 4 Most Important Smart Home Automation Products

It is very convenient to use advanced devices and turn your home into a smart & connected one. Smartify Spaces would like to suggest that you can use a smart smoke alarm because it’s beneficial for you or your loved ones. Yet, this little device can link all your alarms and brings ease to you.

The most useful smart alarm benefit is that you can easily set up alarms wherever you like in the room. In the advanced models, there’s the capability to connect the batteries and link them to your home Wi-Fi and also add them to other existing alarms.

Smart Alarm devices give you better feelings to make a smart home.

Smart lighting

color changing smart led bulb promo philips hue lifx c by ge alexa google assistant home echo 4 Most Important Smart Home Automation Products

Famous home automation is ‘smart light’ & It’s a modern shape of old light bulbs. Smart light will consume less energy and save money too.

If we talk about the device further it will give you a more appealing look and they can be controlled by a remote, touch or even by voice. For example, if you would like to increase or decrease the glow of light, all you have to command is by remote, touch or voice.

These Smart Lights are available in many sizes and colours. One can buy it easily and by using this modern gadget you can convert your home into a smarter home.

Did you know? With Smart lighting you are allowed to connect your light fixtures with your home network, making it possible to dim or change the light setting without even touching a switch.

Smart hubs

Best smart home hub 1280x720 1 4 Most Important Smart Home Automation Products

To convert a home to a smart one it is essential to make a smart hub to connect and control all devices working in a smart home. For Smartify Spaces, it’s important as a brain in a body. As we know the brain control all the functions of a body; similarly we can take it as the brain of all gadgets.

In recent times, many big villas, banglos and huts have a smart hub that controls and connects all the instruments. Many companies offer their customers a prepaid smart hub, for ours, you have to visit us for expert suggestions.

Smart security

oob automation Security and Surveillance 4 Most Important Smart Home Automation Products

Smart security cameras are very common to everyone nowadays. Wherever you go, you find a smart security system of digital cameras whether it’s an indoor setup or outdoor setup. Yet, all smart cameras are easily linked with your mobiles and you can watch every corner of your house inside out.

It gives a big relief to us as we know that our house is always in our view with the smart security system.


These are some common devices of modern technology that help people to enjoy new trends and surely in this era of fast technology people can make their everyday life more jolly, more enjoyable and more innovative by using Smartify Spaces products.

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