Screenshot 2022 02 23 160618 1024x572 1 Smart Home: 9 Features That Make It Awesome

Smart home technology is becoming increasingly popular in homes for a variety of reasons. Consumers are using its various features and capabilities to secure their homes, property, and loved ones, whether it’s just one device or a whole network.

It’s ideal to engage with a supplier that partners with reliable, smart technology, business, such as Smartify Spaces, whether you’re looking to add this technology or improve your present solution.

We’ll go over some of the most popular smart home technology features below, including remote monitoring, customization, wellness and safety check-ins, motion detection, and video analytics—all of which can be controlled remotely via the Smartify Spaces appliances such as ALEXA, APPLE HomeKit, HEY GOOGLE & SMART THINGS.


Connecting these connected items can boost a home’s productivity, smart security systems and speakers to lights and televisions. Integrating smart home devices will give you a sense of security.

Users may remotely manage and monitor thermostats, check surveillance camera footage, schedule interior and outdoor lighting, and more thanks to this interconnectivity, all without having to leave their office—or even their kitchen table. This also helps you save money on your utility expenses.

Screenshot 2022 02 23 160618 1024x572 1 Smart Home: 9 Features That Make It Awesome

Remote Monitoring

Smart houses may be handled remotely from any location, at any time, if they connect to mobile devices, laptops or desktops. This allows you to check in on many aspects of your home and property in real-time.

It’s difficult to completely evaluate the value of that level of protection to users. The peace of mind that comes from knowing their home and loved ones are protected from threats like burglars and vandals, as well as fire and carbon monoxide, is priceless.

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Another amazing feature of smart home technology is its customization capabilities. Smart devices can respond to a specific user’s customized tastes or demands, depending on the item.

For example, a smart thermostat can adjust the temperature in your home based on the weather outside, making it more comfortable for its residents. Another interesting example is smart sprinklers.

Some models include distinct zones that cover the entire property or a more effective watering schedule is ensured by customized activation based on sunlight amount and plant types.

Smart Thermostat 1200x1200 1 1024x1024 1 Smart Home: 9 Features That Make It Awesome

Increased Safety

Homeowners may know exactly what’s going on and receive real-time warnings on any suspicious activities thanks to the interconnection of smart home technologies and real-time surveillance and monitoring.

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Energy Management

As previously said, managing utilities such as heating, cooling, and lighting can help you save money on energy. Pre-setting your thermostat to a preset temperature at specific times of the day ensures comfort while reducing waste.

Consider using smart outlets to control electrical device auto-shutoff, such as TVs and gaming systems. For security and convenience, smart LED bulbs allow users to turn lights on and off at specific times.

Smart LED Filament Bulb 1500 1024x1024 1 Smart Home: 9 Features That Make It Awesome

Video Analytics

Video analytics is maybe one of the most notable elements of smart home automation. This advanced technology can be used in conjunction with motion detection to add another degree of security. It reduces false notifications and deciphers movement to help prevent false alarms from being intelligent enough to distinguish between photographs of animals, humans, and cars.

Pre-programmed trip wires and activity zones also enable real-time alarm triggers, such as turning on indoor/outdoor lights, to deter possible attackers.

Affordable HomeKit Secure Video camera Aqara G2H 1024x536 1 Smart Home: 9 Features That Make It Awesome

Appliance Safety

For automated appliance shutoff, consider installing smart stove and grill guards. This allows for real-time monitoring of potential hazards such as leaving a hot stove, grill, or oven on, which could result in fires, gas leaks, or propane loss.

Screenshot 2022 02 23 171147 Smart Home: 9 Features That Make It Awesome

Smart Smoke Detectors

According to the 2018 Coldwell Smart Home Marketplace Survey, 75% of purchasers desire pre-installed smart smoke detectors because they can detect carbon monoxide, link to a smart hub, and pinpoint the exact position of smoke or fire.

aqara smoke detector hk Smart Home: 9 Features That Make It Awesome

Leak Detection & Flood Sensors

Another smart aspect is that it protects your property from leaks and flooding. Receive real-time smartphone alerts from your system’s leak detection and flood sensors to prevent costly damages from occurring.

Screenshot 2022 02 23 170950 Smart Home: 9 Features That Make It Awesome

Update Your Home With Smartify Spaces Devices!

With these smart home devices, every day will be smooth sailing. They’ll save you time and money, so you can enjoy life’s little pleasures.

Get in touch today for help installing your smart home solutions!

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