1 1 Why You Need Smart Somke Alarm?
11 budairenzhenglogo Why You Need Smart Somke Alarm?

What is Smart Smoke Alarm and Why Do You Need One

As a very important device in the home, smart smoke alarms can ensure the safety of the home during critical times. Once the fire smoke is detected, it will send an alert to you so that you may have time to evacuate the house.

How does a smart smoke alarm work?
In fact, smart smoke detectors work the same way as regular smoke detectors. They monitor fires by monitoring ionization or photoelectric changes. Ionization detectors detect smoke produced by flaming fires quickly. In contrast, photoelectric detectors will quickly detect it from a smoldering fire.

Why do you need a smart smoke alarm?
Regular smoke detectors can also detect smoke, so why would a smart smoke alarm be a better choice? That’s because it can do a lot of things that regular alarms can’t.
A primary benefit of using a smart smoke detector is that you can remotely monitor any emergencies in your home, which is useful if you’re away from your home on vacation, at work, or running errands. You can receive instant notifications.

1 1 Why You Need Smart Somke Alarm?

But Why Meross?

  1. Safe and Reliable
    As a home security product, the most important feature is safety and reliability. The Meross smart smoke detectors are certified by DIN EN 14604, CE, and RoHS. This means you can absolutely trust meross smart smoke detector.
  2. HomeKit
    Apple HomeKit is always a big part. Only a few brands that released smoke detectors integrated with the Apple HomeKit ecosystem on the market, and meross is one of them. A unified smart home ecosystem will make your smart life smooth and comfortable.
  3. Smoke and Overheat Detection
    In addition to smoke detection, the meross smart smoke detectors can also detect overheating. When the temperature is too high (54 – 70℃), it will chirp to remind you.
  4. Linkage Alarm
    In addition, the meross smart smoke detector also has a linkage function, Which is when one alarm detects smoke, all alarms in your house will chirp to remind you. This solves the problem of distant rooms, such as attics, basements, etc. where alarms are not heard.
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In the end, unlike other smart home gadgets, a smart smoke alarm is related to home safety. We put a lot of effort into creating our dream house. It is necessary to protect it with a reliable smart smoke detector, and Meross can do the job.
What are your thoughts on smoke alarms or smart home security devices, feel free to leave us a comment.

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