csa What will New Smart Home Standard Matter bring to Meross Customers?

Break the Barriers

With most of the smart home platforms now announcing their support for Matter, all the common smart devices we used in our daily lives will also support Matter standards, making everything much easier.

Based on Matter’s Multi Admin, users can connect their devices to any Matter-enabled ecosystem, or easily add multiple devices to a new ecosystem. And the ‘cross-platform’ nature of Matter devices will remove a lot of the confusion and barriers to the user experience, giving users more freedom to use their smart home devices.

Better Home Automation Experience

Matter allows effective communication directly between devices, without the need for a specific ‘forwarding’ device. For example, a Matter smart switch or sensor can ‘turn on/off a Matter bulb directly without the need the cloud service, or other special action. Once configured, communication and control between Matter devices can be achieved directly on the local network.

More Secure Connection

Matter also defines a security connection mechanism that was initiated, developed, and verified by a number of industry-leading companies. This means that Matter-certified devices also have excellent security features.

Meross & Matter

Not just WWDC2022, Meross has been featured in the Matter Launch Event in Amsterdam on 3rd November. We are developing the Matter with Apple, Google, Amazon, Samsung, CSA, and many others. The first Matter over Wi-Fi Meross product will come soon in Q4 2022, and we will commit to breaking the language barriers between different smart home brands and platforms and contribute to creating a more open ecosystem for the global smart home market with all.

csa What will New Smart Home Standard Matter bring to Meross Customers?

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