LightStrip 1200 1024x1024 1 The Future Of Smart Lighting & Its Benefits

Smart lighting: what is it and what are the benefits?

Smart lighting is becoming a part of a connected ecosystem, creating smart buildings in our cities for a sustainable and greener tomorrow.

Smart lighting can be operate your smart devices via ALEXA, APPLE HomeKit, HEY GOOGLE & SMART THINGS and it can be managed by your voice command also.

When it comes to connected lighting in buildings, managers can monitor energy consumption, organise preventive maintenance and receive customised information to suit their business.

The possibility for lighting to enrich smart cities from both a commercial and domestic perspective is vast and huge.

LightStrip 1200 1024x1024 1 The Future Of Smart Lighting & Its Benefits


Since the arrival of Artificial Intelligence (AI) you undoubtedly have heard of smart technology, smart building and maybe smart lighting. In this blog we would like to explain what smart lighting really is and what the benefits are for the office or your home.

Smart lighting solutions using networked technology represent an exciting chance for cities or communities to get smarter. From government and city planners to consumers, significant benefits become available to everyone which include:

  • Huge reduction of energy
  • Decrease in maintenance cost
  • Increased public safety due to better lighting solutions
  • Safer traffic due to increased visibility of hazards
  • Environmental impact due to reduced energy consumption

Additional opportunities include:

  • Mobile broadband connectivity
  • Traffic light controls
  • Smart parking
  • Traffic management
  • Electric vehicle charging stations
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Public safety through video cameras
Smart LED Filament Bulb 1200 1024x1024 1 The Future Of Smart Lighting & Its Benefits

Being one of the pioneers for several decades, Smartify Spaces has successfully completed smart lighting projects in many parts of UAE including the magnificent Al Mina Road – Al Hudaiba Dubai.

Get started with smart lighting today:

Smart lighting can be a backbone for a smart city network enabling them for a sustainable tomorrow.

Ready to make the switch to smarter lighting? Contact Smartify Spaces today for a free quote at +971 4 250 5880.

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