Untitled design 7 Improving Your Protection From Heatwaves With Smart AC 

As heatwaves become more frequent and severe, protecting vulnerable populations is crucial. Recent research published in Nature Magazine highlights the alarming increase in heat-related deaths, with over 70,000 excess deaths occurring in Europe alone during the summer of 2022*. The resulting societal awareness led to the design and implementation of adaptation strategies to protect at-risk populations. In this blog post, we will explore how smart air conditioning (AC) systems, such as those offered by Sensibo, can play a pivotal role in safeguarding individuals from the dangers of heat waves, leveraging AI, data analytics and sensors. 

Understanding the Risks of heat waves

Heatwaves can have severe health implications for various vulnerable populations. In addition to the elderly, individuals with chronic medical conditions, pregnant women, children, and individuals with mobility limitations are also at a higher risk of heat-related illnesses and complications. High temperatures can lead to dehydration, heat exhaustion, heatstroke, and worsen existing health conditions. Effective cooling solutions are crucial to protecting these populations during heatwaves.

image 21 Improving Your Protection From Heatwaves With Smart AC 

Enhanced Temperature Control

Smart AC systems provide advanced temperature control features that can significantly aid in protecting against extreme heat. With features like remote access and intelligent scheduling, users can ensure their homes remain cool and comfortable even before the heatwave strikes. This proactive approach helps prevent heat-related health issues by maintaining a consistently pleasant indoor environment for vulnerable populations. Customizable settings and temperature preferences can be tailored to accommodate the specific needs of individuals with chronic conditions, pregnant women, and others at higher risk.

Personalized Comfort Settings 

Smart AC systems offer personalized comfort settings that can be tailored to individual needs. This is particularly beneficial for vulnerable populations. Individuals with chronic conditions often have specific temperature and humidity requirements. Pregnant women may experience discomfort due to hormonal changes. Children are more sensitive to heat. By optimizing these settings, smart AC systems create a safe and comfortable indoor environment, minimizing the risks associated with heatwaves for vulnerable populations.

Real-time Monitoring and Alerts 

One of the key advantages of smart AC systems is their ability to monitor indoor conditions in real time. By integrating sensors and AI-driven algorithms, these systems can detect temperature variations and humidity levels. In the case of extreme heat, the system can send alerts and notifications, enabling individuals or caregivers to take necessary precautions. This feature is especially valuable for vulnerable populations as it ensures timely action to protect against heat-related illnesses, particularly for those with limited mobility or cognitive impairments.

Improving Your Protection From Heatwaves With Smart AC 

Geofencing and reduction of energy waste

In addition to protecting vulnerable populations, smart AC systems offer significant energy-saving benefits. Traditional air conditioning units often run continuously, leading to excessive energy consumption and higher utility bills. Smart AC systems, on the other hand, utilize advanced sensors, occupancy detection, and intelligent algorithms to optimize cooling efficiency. By automatically adjusting temperature settings based on occupancy and preferences, these systems can reduce energy waste without compromising comfort. Additionally, remote access and scheduling features allow users to efficiently manage their AC units, ensuring they are not left running unnecessarily. By embracing smart AC technology, individuals can not only protect themselves from heatwaves but also contribute to a more sustainable and energy-efficient future.


Heatwaves pose a significant threat to vulnerable populations, including the elderly, individuals with chronic conditions, pregnant women, children, and those with limited mobility. But smart AC systems are valuable for everyone, regardless of vulnerability, as they provide a range of benefits. With personalized comfort settings, remote control features, and real-time energy monitoring, these systems offer enhanced control and convenience for individuals in managing their indoor environment. Additionally, the energy-saving capabilities of smart AC systems contribute to reducing energy waste and promoting environmental sustainability, which is a concern for everyone. By adopting smart AC technology, individuals can enjoy greater comfort, convenience, and contribute to a greener future for all.

Source: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41591-023-02419-z
Images sources: Cerberus, Charon heatwaves Europe and USA: screenshots form Sky news retrieved 17.7.23

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