Sensibo Air PRO – Air Conditioner Smart Controller & Air Quality Sensor

  • With built-in air quality monitoring and smart climate features, enjoy a healthier and more comfortable living environment while saving up to 40% on cooling bills.

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Logos Sensibo Air PRO - Air Conditioner Smart Controller & Air Quality Sensor

Sensibo Air PRO is a smart controller designed to turn your existing air conditioning unit into a smart connected device.
It has a built-in air quality sensor that continuously monitors the air quality and maintains an ideal temperature. With this device, you can enjoy a healthier living environment as it helps to maintain a high level of air quality in your home or office.
The Sensibo Air PRO also has smart climate features that work to reduce cooling bills by up to 40%, while maintaining a good air quality at home.
It uses geofencing to activate your air conditioner, or any remote-controlled AC unit before you arrive and turns off when everyone leaves.
Climate React scans both temperature and humidity, monitoring indoor and outdoor environments, along with a dual set-point, to maintain a comfortable ‘real feel’ temperature, never letting the room get uncomfortable.
The installation process is easy. Simply connect the device to WiFi or Bluetooth, launch the app, place it on any flat surface, and rapidly connect to any remote controlled AC unit.
The Sensibo Air PRO integrates with smart homes via Apple HomeKit, Google Home, and Amazon Alexa. There are no tools required!

The World’s First All-in-One Smart AC Controller With Air Quality Monitoring, Manage your home’s climate & monitor indoor air quality, Control your AC with your phone, Save money on energy bills, Breathe safer air & increase comfort

Find out what’s in your air.

Indoor air can be up to 5x more polluted than outdoor air

Control from anywhere

Control your air conditioner from anywhere. Monitor the temperature and humidity remotely

Turn it on/off, automatically

Turns on automatically before you arrive, turns off when the last person leaves using your phone’s geo-location

Save money on energy bills

Using 7-day scheduling, geo-fencing and filter cleaning alerts, Sensibo saves energy and pays for itself

Learn more about your air quality

Get informed about the pollutants in your home with live graphs & actionable insights based on pollutant concentrations