Nature Mini (Gray 2 way)

  • Network Wi-Fi & CoSS, Linux 4.19 operating system, can be used as 2-way switch and smart station mini, 480p screen, with temperature sensor and speaker, whole product size:86*86*36mm, outside the wall:86*86*11mm

674.00 ر.ق

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This 4 inch screen panel is integrated with IoT gateway and smart switch. It can cover the whole home smart control including lighting, curtain, HVAC, background music and other smart home equipment. You can set and enable kinds of scenarioes through this switch panel.

  • 480*480P high definition IPS touch screen
  • Built-in gateway to add and manage other smart home devices
  • High screen-to-body ratio
  • Built-in speaker
  • Fire retardant material
  • Supports remote control via mobile app