image 16 How Energy Companies Can Utilize Sensibo Smart Controllers

Heat pumps are becoming more and more prominent around the world thanks to their energy efficiency capabilities. But how can they be made even better?

A recent trial conducted by Genesis, a New Zealand energy company, has shown promising results for heat pump owners utilizing Sensibo Sky that can result in cost savings on energy bills.

The trial involved 48 homes, where participants were given Sensibo devices to connect to their heat pumps. Leveraging the Sensibo devices, Genesis was able to issue commands to these heat pumps (which covered a variety of models) through Sensibos bulk management platform, Airbend.

Two scenarios were tested: reducing the temperature by 1 degree for an hour during peak times and turning off the pump for 20 minutes at peak times. “Most customers either didn’t notice or were not bothered by the temperature changes”, Genesis noted. The trial showed potential savings of around 28 cents per reduction, resulting in approximately $2 per week or even close to $4 for those who adjust their settings multiple times a day. 

This trial successfully demonstrates the effectiveness of Sensibo devices in significantly reducing energy bills for consumers. Moreover, it showcases the immense potential for energy companies to utilize Sensibo’s comprehensive capabilities, enabling them to integrate seamlessly into a broader smart-home strategy. This integration empowers energy companies to efficiently coordinate power consumption, leading to enhanced energy management and optimization.

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