Two Channel Dimming Controller (0-10V)

  • The Smart Station allows you to connect a traditional dimmer to an app for easy control.
  • The pairing process is simple and there is an indicator LED for added convenience.
  • You can precisely adjust brightness by percentage, and this device can connect to most standard 0-10V dimming downlights, spotlights, and light strips. It has the capability to control up to 50 dimming lights simultaneously.

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Introducing the Dimmer & Motion Sensor Switch – a device that combines light control, motion detection, and illuminance detection in one.
It allows you to customize your own brightness settings using motion detection.
The switch is designed to turn on/off lights by detecting motion and illuminance.
With this, you can set up smart control scenes such as turning on lights when people walk in and turning off when it gets dark.
The switch also offers multiple ways of lighting adjustment and precise brightness control by percentage.

Enjoy automatic lighting control and convenience with the Dimmer & Motion Sensor Switch.