Polar Switch(White 3 way) Live version

  • Work with Smart Station,118/120 type, independent power supply, perfect solution for live only wiring, no flicker, safe and stable, dual control, multiple control

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Apple Homekit
Amazon Alexa
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Independent power supply, perfect solution for 120 live-only wiring switches.
Pollar Switch adopts extremely low power consumption technology and independent power supply. It supports single live line, neutral and live line and low direct current (≤ 30V). It eliminates the flicker when a traditional single live line switch is connected to a low power light bulb, providing an easy solution for installation and use.
Multiple control ways
  • Physical switch control. Multiple design styles conform to different decoration styles
  • App remote control. Easy to control switch or swithes (switch group) on APP
  • Central panel control. Be able to added into Nature and Nature mini series’s screen to use
  • Voice control. Compatible with Apple Homekit,  Amazon Alexa
Powerful APP functions
  • Schedule to turn on/off
  • Trigger a scene or control other devices (not just switch) wirelessly
  • Automation to realize double control, multiple control, sensor condition ect.
  • No flicker, safe and stable
  • No need for external wiring
  • Dual control, multiple control
  • LED indicator