smart led bulb 1200 1024x1024 1 Connected & Smart Home Automation – A reality of today

Smart home automation is becoming a commonplace technology in today’s world – from opening one’s curtains in the morning to altering the lighting in one’s room based on one’s mood, smart homes are becoming an increasingly important part of our everyday lives. Allowing us to keep an eye on what’s going on in the house from our phone, iPad, or laptop.

Appliances and devices may now replicate daily habits thanks to advances in AI and the IoT ecosystem. And this is only the start. Smart home automation is no longer a pipe dream or a fiction; it has become a reality. The concept of an ideal smart home will revolutionize the way people interact with all appliances and devices in the next years.

Sensor-equipped gadgets will be able to determine whether continuing activity in space is normal or if the resident is in any discomfort. Smart devices, formerly considered the property of the ultra-wealthy, are now readily available to the majority of city residents. Customers are looking for Smart Homes solutions because of the numerous benefits they provide, ranging from energy savings, security, and convenience to luxury aesthetics. The homes of the future will not only be automated but will also be able to intelligently predict consumer habits and design automation routines using artificial intelligence.

2022 03 11 1 1024x341 1 Connected & Smart Home Automation – A reality of today

Home Automation is a Way of Life

According to Gartner, there will be over 20.5 billion connected ‘things’ by 2020, these connected devices are taking home automation to an entirely new level. Imagine coffee pots talking to mobile phones and sensors connecting with air conditioning devices. We can almost connect any imaginable device to the internet for a seamless experience. Automation driven by IoT is not only going to make our lives easier, comfortable, and convenient but also conserve energy and save costs. Imagine optimizing air conditioning levels on a scorching summer day or the lights and your favorite music being turned off as soon as you go to sleep.

smart led bulb 1200 1024x1024 1 Connected & Smart Home Automation – A reality of today

Watch Out: Anytime, Anywhere

Automation is not a fancy fad but the ability to control electricity consumption and save on costs if deployed intelligently. It also provides an innovative way to keep your home secure. For instance, by way of smart motion sensors, you can check on your little ones or the elderly at home from miles away, when triggered you can directly receive a video on your device. By setting your preferences, you can watch your kids, be informed when the door is unlocked or when there is maintenance work required. You will have seamless control of all aspects of your residence with a flick of the switch. You can operate your smart devices via ALEXA, APPLE HomeKit, HEY GOOGLE & SMART THINGS and it can be managed by your voice command.

woman controlling smart home appliances Connected & Smart Home Automation – A reality of today

Smart but secure

But while homes are smart they also need to be kept secure. One of the biggest threats for smart devices today is internet hackers. Therefore, as a user of this technology, you need to constantly change the passwords on your devices, have your software updated and make sure that the ID of each device is changed post-purchase. Constant software update patches should be installed to prevent vulnerability.

Screenshot 2022 02 23 162917 Connected & Smart Home Automation – A reality of today

Sit back and relax.

A smart home gives you the convenience of controlling and automating every device and appliance at home, it takes care of your safety and security needs and conserves energy, and saves cost. In the very near future, we will live in apartments equipped and controlled completely by smart devices. Without a doubt, home automation can significantly improve our quality of life and make our homes safer places.

Smartify Spaces has devised affordable varieties for the home user to onboard the smart home experience.

Feel free to reach Smartify Spaces and know more about custom possibilities for your smart home.

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